Q: When do I receive my part of rent each month?

A: Rent is paid out on the 6th and the 10th of each month

Q: When is a Late Fee accessed?

A: On the 4th day of the month

Q: Who collects the late fee?

A: A late fee is split between the management and the landlord

Q: When can I evict a tenant?

A: An eviction cannot be started until the 11th of the month.  We will start the process after confirmation from you.

Q: How often do the properties get inspected?

A: Once a year

Q: What is considered normal wear and tear?

A: Normal wear and tear is deterioration or depreciation in value by ordinary and reasonable use. Signs of everyday wear and tear are worn electrical switches,                                                                                                              frayed pull strings on blinds, lightly scuffed hardwood floors, loose caulking, peeling wallpaper, faded curtains, and dirty window screens. Time and regular daily use can cause any of these items to become worn,
which does not constitute damage.

Q: Can I visit my property once a tenant has moved in?

A: Yes, on a quarterly basis but you must make an appointment with the tenant

Q: What happens if a Tenant breaks the lease?

A: Tenant will forfeit security deposit and will owe rent until new tenant is found.

Q: What if I get a complaint from the HOA about a tenant?

A: Send notice to us.

Q: When do I get notified that a tenant would like to renew?

A: We require 60 days notice before lease end date.

Q: Should I get a Home Warranty for repairs?

A: We recommend that you do.  This allows us to immediately request repairs without having to coordinate with you.

Q: What is considered an emergency repair?

A: HVAC issues when there is only one unit in the home; toilet not functioning if there is only one toilet; any water leak that cannot be stopped; fire.

Q: What kind of marketing is done when a rental home is listed in the listing service?

A: The listing is posted on-line in First Multiple Listing Service, Georgia Multiple Listing Service and Athens Listing Service (if applicable). 
We take photos to include in the listing and a sign goes in the yard. The listing will automatically be fed to Zillow.com and Trulia.com.