Tenant FAQ

Q: Do you accept Section 8?

A: No

Q: What Credit Score are you looking for?

A: Minimum of 640

Q: How much is your application fee?

A: $39.00 per adult (over the age of 18)

Q: Why must I pay an application fee for EACH Adult?

A: A background check must be run on anyone that will be living in the house that is 18 years old or older.

Q: How do I add a Roommate to the lease?

A: A new roommate will need to submit an application and be approved by the landlord

Q: How do I take a roommate off the lease?

A: Email us at leasesmooreteam@remax-legends.com

Q: How much is a Deposit?

A: Minimum of one month’s rent – based on credit

Q: When will I get my Deposit back?

A: Within 30 days of move-out date

Q: Can I pay rent in advance?

A: Yes

Q: What is considered “normal” wear and tear?

 A: Normal wear and tear is deterioration or depreciation in value by ordinary and reasonable use. Signs of everyday wear and tear are worn electrical switches, frayed pull strings on blinds, lightly scuffed hardwood floors, loose caulking, peeling wallpaper, faded curtains, and dirty window screens. Time and regular daily use can cause any of these items to become worn, which does not constitute damage.

Q: How much is a Pet fee?

A: $500.00, non-refundable, per pet

Q: What happens if I break my lease?

A: You will forfeit your security deposit and you will owe rent until a new tenant is found or lease ends.

Q: How much notice must I give to renew or not renew a lease?

A: Not renewing a lease requires a 60-day written notice. We usually reach out to tenants well in advance to inquire about whether tenants are renewing or not.

Q: What happens if my rent is late?

A: A late fee will be applied to the total amount due. Eviction will be filed as of the 11th of the month.

Q: Am I responsible for the yard and landscaping?

A: Refer to your lease

Q: What do I do if I need a repair?

A: Place a Service Request through the Tenant Portal - same Portal that you pay your monthly rent through. 

Q: What is considered an emergency repair?

A: No heat or no air conditioning and an active water leak that cannot be turned off

Q: Do I clean the gutters?

A: No. That is the landlord’s responsibility.

Q: Am I responsible for changing the filters in the HVAC system?

A: Yes, per lease, you should change every 3 months

Q: Is Pest Control included in my rent?

A: Refer to your lease

Q: Can I paint the walls?

A: Only with approval from landlord

Q: Can I hang things on the walls?

A: Yes, with picture nails only.  No screws, bolts or hooks.

Q: Do I need Renter’s Insurance?

A: We recommended it